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We fund

  • Projects in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) only
  • Projects for condo and rental residents, or the general public.
  • Permanent installations with new & purchased equipment only

We don't fund

  • Projects outside the GTHA
  • Projects that serve individuals or federal entities, agencies or is on federal land
  • Projects that replace existing installations or intend to lease equipment

Application Process

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  • Submit a short form about your project to confirm your eligibility.
  • We’ll assess based on accessibility, suitability, need, & equity.
Hear back within 1 week
  • Receive a Letter of Conditional Approval (LOCA).

Plan it

  • Submit the Project Funding Application (PFA) within 3 weeks of your LOCA, detailing project design, technologies, marketing, budget, & schedule.
  • We'll review your PFA against program requirements, accessibility, utilization, & future proofing criteria.
Hear back within 1 week
  • Receive a Contribution Agreement (CA).
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  • Optional Turnkey Program: Connect with one of our providers to assess your site, plan for future needs, select vendors, & estimate costs.
EV plugged into charging station

Install it

  • Work with your turnkey provider and vendors to purchase & install your new charging stations.
  • Once the site is complete and stations are operational, submit your claim & supporting documents to TAF.
Submit within 5 months
  • We’ll reimburse eligible expenditures according to the CA.

Charge happily ever after

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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